Car Transport Services in Leicestershire

Car delivery available to all locations across the UK, from Nico Car Transport and Recovery Services

What We Offer at Nico Car Transport and Recovery Services

Car Transport Services
If you have bought or are planning to buy a car from another part of the country, then our car transporting services are the perfect choice. We take the hassle out of buying a car, just let us know where to pick up the car and where to drop it off. Usually we can deliver your new car on the very same day!
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Breakdown/Vehicle Recovery

We know that car breakdowns are stressful. With Nico Car Transport and Recovery Services, we can get out to you very quickly if you have broken down within the Leicestershire area. We know a host of suitable garages or can take you to the garage of your choice for vehicle repairs.


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Reasons to Choose Nico Car Transport and Recovery Services


My car's broken down. How quickly can you get out to me?

If you are in Leicestershire, we can get out to you very quickly – usually within an hour. Time taken to get out to you depends on your location and on traffic. When you call we will give you an estimate.


Can you deliver the new car I bought to me?

Yes, no matter where you are in the UK we can deliver your car. We will give you an over the phone quote and can deliver your vehicle to you within one day.

Can you protect my car during delivery?

Yes we offer full transit insurance, making sure that your car arrives in pristine condition. Get in touch today to arrange vehicle delivery.

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